The Vaults

It goes without saying that Vine is a temperature controlled, highly secure and clean warehouse space, and that the wine is fully insured. But the vine storage system goes further, and the team have been busy re-defining standards and processes in the fine wine supply chain and storage.

Vine’s storage, settlement and distribution services are built specifically for fine wine. It brings simplicity and peace of mind by re-defining standards and processes in the fine wine supply chain. The Vine approach removes risk, saves time and reduces costs through expert service, unique wine identification and technical integration.

What is Vine?

The Vine service is a convenient and easy-to-use logistics solution for fine wine. It includes:
  • A temperature controlled, highly secure and clean warehouse space
  • A team of dedicated experts
  • A set of standards
  • A software system accessed via an intuitive website

Why Vine?

Warehouse space designed for fine wine at the heart of the international trade in London, Bordeaux and Hong Kong.
Perfect conditions are ensured using humidity and temperature sensors and alarms throughout the warehouse space.
The Vine Managers and Warehouse Team are highly skilled and experienced in every aspect of fine wine settlement, handling, storage and distribution.
Dedicated high quality service means always speaking to an expert.
Vine standards cover all aspects of storage, distribution and settlement to ensure consistency and transparency. They are fully documented and rigorously applied.
On arrival unique case identifiers (UIDs) are issued, condition checks are made and photographs taken.
UIDs allow simple validation of case identity and ownership, giving certainty in case tracking and location.
Vine’s online system gives easy-to-use web access to stock records, movement details and photographs.

The Instant Transfer system means changing ownership with a single click. It eliminates physical movement, reduces costs and risks, saves time and increases opportunities to turnover stock.